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our services include bond cleaning, lawn mowing, window cleaning, general cleaning, weeding, trash removal, pressure washing driveways, and many more.


our services

bond clean: is a intensive cleaning procedure for your end of lease. we will clean every part of the unit/home sparkling clean. its a far more through clean then our general clean. we can do both inside your house and your yard (up to your desire). our bond is a mixture of both general and spring clean

general clean: is like a routine clean, just a simple tidy in all areas of your home, we will sweep and mop all tiled areas, vacuum all carpet areas, wipe down all benches and tables, dust all areas. garden care: we will give your lawns a mow and whippersnipper edge of yard, pull all unnecessary weeds out, get rid of all dead leaves, rack all loose grass clippings and leaves. blow driveways and pathways.

spring clean: it can been done any time of year it is a deeper clean then a general but not as deep as a bond, we will clean all windows, dust all tight areas and fans, clean window seals. clean ovens and range hoods. any special requirements please don't hesitate to ask, but please be in mind it could be at extra cost. 


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